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Team Josiah 2K22 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. We provide finanical assitance to families for services such as: ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and other therapeutic services for children on the ASD spectrum.  We also conduct programs and seminars to aid and inform others and raise our communities awareness about ASD. 

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The Beginning...


My twin son Josiah was diagnosed with autism when he was 2-years-old. I often wonder why no one said that they saw something different about him. At times, I thought to myself, “What did I do wrong?”

We saw a dramatic change in Josiah in January of 2012 after he had ear tubes placed for reoccurring ear infections. The biggest difference was that he didn’t communicate or make eye contact anymore. I remember thinking, “What did the doctor do to my baby?” We met with many doctors. . They suggested procedures and testing to make sure the ear tubes were placed properly and his hearing was okay. The doctors performed an Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) test with sedation and reported his hearing was great! Yet prior to the surgery, Jojo was on task for all the age appropriate milestones. Afterwards, it stopped. The biggest thing I remember, that stays with me, was how he didn’t communicate or make eye contact with others anymore. That is when I began searching the internet for something that could explain his characteristics. .

Once we went to a doctor’s appointment at our local clinic, and a doctor  witnessed Josiah having a tantrum. In a very kind manner, the doctor told me that he was going to get me some help. A few weeks later, we did a preschool screening at our local grade school. When the screener gave Josiah a bucket of blocks and then attempted to take them away, he immediately responded with kicking and screaming. Then later, after we finally got him to calm down, he saw another child with a sippy cup like his, and the tantrum started all over again. I think that day I was at an all-time low, wondering if I had  spoiled him or done something to cause this.

Almost another year passed without receiving a diagnosis. We started doing genetic testing at the University of Kansas m Hospital, but it wasn’t until April of 2013, a few months before his 3rd birthday, when we finally heard a diagnosis. It was like a weight lifted off our shoulders because we could actually put a name to it. I think I probably overwhelmed his doctor with questions during that visit. What and why?  Most of all, why didn’t someone ever tell me about this disorder?

 Through a lot of prayer, we soon found comfort and peace through our faith. I came to see my experience with my son as a blessing in patience. God spoke through others and that is when I realized, God had BLESSED me with the patience my mother always prayed about. So, when God speaks he illustrates his words to us.

I quickly learned that, living in northwest Kansas, we needed more improvements in identifying autism spectrum disorders and in acquiring intervention for children who have been diagnosed.


The Founding...


Team Josiah 2K22 Foundation was established February 2015 by Ashley D. Bates-Crowley, with the help and support of her husband Nicholas J. Crowley, to address the issue of autism in northwest Kansas by providing community, hope, and financial resources for families.

After receiving Josiah’s diagnosis, Ashley and Nicholas found their calling working to help other families experiencing the challenge of supporting an individual with autism.

The cost of services, treatment, and care for a child affected by autism takes a heavy toll on a family’s budget.

Families make great sacrifices, often compromising  basic family needs to provide their children with the therapy, schooling, and medical treatment necessary to improve their quality of life.

The Team Josiah 2K22 Foundation works with families and children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, ASD, to take some of the financial burden off their shoulders. Team Josiah provides funding for various programs that benefit children on the ASD spectrum. We let families know that they are not alone in their efforts and that there is hope for the future.


You are not alone.



Nicholas Crowley & Ashley Bates-Crowley


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